Has anyone tried booking Sydney-Seoul-Palau Business Class for 45K on a Star Alliance carrier?


I know that the Thai Orchid program is largely written off (rightly so) given the outrageous mileage costs, but I’ve found what might be an interesting option and wanted to know if anyone has booked it or can confirm that I’m reading this correctly. I’m looking to book a trip to Palau, and Thai groups Australia and Palau in the same region, with a cost of 45,000 points in J on a Star Alliance carrier. This seems like a fantastic deal, given that Australia and NZ are in different regions and price out at 50,000 for a simple Sydney - Auckland flight in business.

So, can anyone confirm? Asiana flight via Seoul to Palau from Sydney for 45K in J? I’m not sure if the chart is return or one way, but either way as an Amex partner it seems a good deal.

Does anyone have experience booking awards with Thai airways?



The award chart on this page is for return flights. So 45000 sounds like not a bad deal if you can get it to work.

I had a quick look, SYD-ROR requires at least 1 stop in Seoul if flying with Asiana.

Personally, I am not very familiar with the routing rules for award flights via Thai Orchid with Asiana.

If you are keen, ring Thai Orchid up and confirm. Thai Airways generally have pretty good award availabilities.

One way I might add

Hey this sounds amazing, especially for a keen diver. The big question for me is how to get 45,000 star alliance points? I have 300k odd velocity points and 90k odd QFF points but never really fly with Star Alliance members. Any suggestions?