Has anyone received their 60,000 bonus Velocity points from NAB platinum cards?

Hi everyone,

I have spent the required $1500 within the 3 month period a few weeks ago, but i have not received the 60,000 Velocity sign up bonus points from NAB.

NAB’s call centre suggested that i wait for the next statement and see if the bonus points will get transferred to me. (I already have 2 statements)

Has anyone here received their bonus points?
If so, how long did you have to wait ?

Thank you,

Hi Marcus,

My suggestion is that you double check the T&Cs of the offer and then, if appropriate, keep hassling them or threaten to make a referral to ACCC or, more, likely Banking Ombudsman.  False or misleading claims | ACCC.

I had a recent experience with ANZ (who are usually reasonably good) where their call centre staff fobbed me off at least four times in nearly six months before they finally declared that I wasn’t eligible due to a line in the small print. I went through their formal complaints process without an agreement but finally managed to resolve it without going to ACCC.

If an  organisation fails to deliver what they promise it may be considered a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act.

My advice is to know the T&Cs and keep on at them.

Good luck !

Hi Marcus,

I went through this process with the NAB cards last year and, from memory, it took about 60 days AFTER the qualifying period for the points to be credited - but credited they were. I chased it a couple of times but, from memory, there was something in the T&Cs fine print about it taking that long to be credited.

I’ve just signed up for the equivalent ANZ cards for their version of this deal so hopefully that works out too.


Hi Marcu,

like you I have spent the required $1,500 within the 3 month period. I called them the other day and was advised the 60,000 bonus points could take up to 3mths to appear in my Velocity account.

good luck mate

Thank you everyone for the helpful replies :slight_smile:
I guess i will have to be patient and wait for the points to arrive, and call them up if necessary.