Has anyone received the full 100,000 point bonus from Westpac with Altitude Black yet?

Hay All,

I enquired a few months ago, when the 100,000 bonus points offer was first released, and i remember we had to be the first 100 or 1000 applicants to get it, and i rang the team after I was approved my application, was assured that i was within the head counts.

And so i noted that I received my lot of 50,000 bonus last month, but not the 2nd lot of 50,000 pts.
Has anyone received the full lot as of yet?

I would call Westpac and ask but im still overseas for another 4 weeks, so was just seeing what everyone has got.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Hey bernstar - a couple of things which I hope will clear this up for you.

The limit on the number of applicants for this offer was removed a few weeks after it launched, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Secondly, the bonus is split in two as per the offer terms - anecdotally many people are saying they are receiving 50k points after the first $2,500 of spend and then the second 50k after another $2,500, with the 60 day waiting period (as per the offer terms) in between the spend and the points crediting. This can mean it takes a couple of extra statement periods for the second round of points to credit.

Ahh, makes sense now. Thanks Keith.

I will keep an eye out until my return, and contact Westpac in 4wks time if i still not see it.

Thanks again!




Hello Bernstar,

I recently received my third statement for this credit card and the 100,000 point bonus was on it and the points appeared in my QFF account, I think that day or the next.

Hi Bernstar,

I received 50k in December statement and another 50k in Feb statement. Good luck.