Has anyone persuaded Amex to honour Perth -> Sydney when using Velocity Platinum complimentary flight?

When I signed up a few months ago for an AMEX Platinum Velocity card, the options for the annual complimentary return plane flight included Sydney.  A great reason for holding the card!  But soon afterwards, AMEX deleted Sydney as an option.  Has anyone had any luck in persuading AMEX to honour Sydney as an option for the annual complimentary flight?

I’d like to know about this too!

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I would suggest the following course.

  1. Tell them that in entering your credit contract with them, you relied on their representation that you would be able to book a flight to Sydney.  Ask them to make good on that representation.
  2. If they don't then agree to do so, tell them you will file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service.  See if that changes their tune.
  3. If it doesn't, file said complaint.  https://www.fos.org.au/

News just in! I think Amex might have brought Perth → Sydney back again…

I’ve just successfully done this - booked a Perth-Sydney-Perth flight redemption from AMEX.  There were no problems or issues raised by the AMEX redemption people - they just went straight ahead and booked it for me.  Excellent!

Newbie question, but if they allow flights from Perth to Sydney, why not the reverse? Do they actually cost less (or is it more a matter of demand)?