Has anyone had similar troubles with the HSBC Star Alliance card?

I am approaching 1 year anniversary with this card. Have been extremely disappointed with their accounting of my spend on this card. Poor customer service and undefined ineligible spends- I know the product guide my heart so I have queried their knock backs of my spends. We are now 15 days of back and forth and no resolution.

Has anyone else had a problem with the account. Numerous customer service staff have indicated to me this card has been plagued with problems.

My accounting puts me close to the required spend, their accounting knocked back 10,000 without explanation.

All I wanted was one billing cycle more to clear up the differences.

Does anyone have any ideas on who else I can turn to in relation to this card?


I’m responding only due to lack of response. I don’t yet have experience with this card.

What sort of purchase are you having issues with eligible spend?