Has anyone had any recent experiences with a Bankwest World MasterCard upgrade?

It was all the rage 5-6 months ago but has anyone had success upgrading to the Bankwest World MC from the Bankwest Platinum MC?

Any tips & tricks would be welcome - or a link to invite myself for the upgrade.

Wanting to score myself SPG Gold before I go to Europe in a months time.

Hey Luke,

The Bankwest World MC takes a while to get. you need to have the Platinum MC for a minimum of 6 months and a credit limit of more than $12k. only after this time are you eligible for it. best tip for scoring the world mc would be, after the 6 months, and as long as you have a credit limit on the platinum of more than $12k, just ask the Bankwest staff.

Sadly there are no links available to directly apply for the world mc.



Thought I would follow up. I do meet this criteria so I emailed Bankwest through my online banking and they sent out a form so should be receiving it with the week.


Hi Luke, i went into the BW branch yesterday after an unsuccessfully phone call. Find the most important looking person in the branch and just ask. In my case he said yep no problem, just had to sign a form and should get the card sometime next week. I’ve held the card for more than 6 months and limit is 15k