Has anyone had any luck resheduling or cancelling an Amex Travel credit hotel booking without fees?

Hey guys, i have booked a staycation at the Novotel Melbourne Central this coming Friday for 2 nights (I am a Melbournian) by using my AMEX Explorer travel credit.

Has anyone had success in changing the dates of a hotel booking that was created from the AMEX travel credits ? Or even obtaining a refund of your travel credits ?

And who should i contact ? Do i contact the hotel directly ? Or have a chat with AMEX Travel ?

Thank you.

Hi @desafinado74

I’m Melburnian too… I feel your pain.

Over the past year I’ve had to cancel two bookings where I used AmEx travel credits, due to COVID-related border and travel restrictions. I have found AmEx to be very helpful and accommodating on each occasion. The first booking was a hotel and they simply refunded the entire travel credit. The second booking was a flight on Virgin Australia and they didn’t refund the travel credit but they allowed me to re-book the flight.

If your cancellation/change is not COVID-related, they might not be so accommodating. But there’s no harm in asking nicely.

As a first step, you need to contact AmEx travel rather than the hotel. If you contact the hotel directly, they’ll probably refer you back to AmEx.

Let us know how you go!

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I might just add that if Amex Travel doesn’t play ball, try contacting the hotel directly. They may be keen to keep revenue if it is just a reschedule.

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Hi Sixtyeight,
Thank you for your helpful reply. I have decided to go ahead with the booking, since the lockdown got lifted today. But i shall remember your advice, for future references.
Hopefully we don’t have to experience anymore of these disruptive border closures and lockdowns in the future.
Take care.

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Thank you for your reply Hiew. I have decided to go ahead with the booking. But i shall keep your advice in mind for future references :slight_smile: