Has anyone got a masterlist of all the Australian financial institutions offering rewards cards?

(I’m not asking for a list of all the specific cards because obviously that is always changing)

But I’m interested in a list of banks (and "building societies etc) who offer some type of reward card

  • FF program
  • membership points that can convert into FF program

For example, I only recently learned Suncorp has a pretty good card to get member points to convert into FF points. I was not aware of them before. (BTW they fall under the citi group eww)


I think at this point, nearly every big/institutional bank has a points earning offering. Heck, you can even argue that coles have their own offering with their flybuys mastercards!

The world of points earning is endless! I suggest you narrow down the reason WHY you are looking at getting a rewards card and start deciding what the goal is that you want to achieve. Then, you can narrow down from the sea of options available to those that can help you achieve your goal.


The hidden gems are called that for a reason. I should look up Suncorp rewards too. Thanks.

We would all like a list like that. If you can locate that list please share. Otherwise, you could consider starting one. There used to be a master credit card table on Point Hacks but it seem to have not been maintained.

I don’t think you are new to this game but we generally like to extract the most value out of things. However, it is good to remind ourselves to not succumb to “paralysis by analysis”. I would generally suggest start somewhere and keep tweaking your strategy as you go as programs change constantly.

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If my calcs are correct, this below is the earn rate for Suncorp Platinum card.

Emirates Skywards:** 3 Suncorp Rewards points = 1 Skywards Mile

->0.42 mile per $

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer:** 2.5 Suncorp Rewards points = 1 KrisFlyer Mile

→ 0.5 mile per $

Velocity Frequent Flyer:** 2 Suncorp Rewards points = 1 Velocity Point

->0.625 pt per $

Flybuys:** 1.33 Suncorp Rewards points = 1 Flybuys point

->0.94 pt per $

I’d probably stick to my St George Amplify Signature card.

Reference: https://www.finder.com.au/suncorp-credit-cards-rewards-program

I wouldn’t necessarily stick to any one card. Particularly as the intro signup far outweighs any regular spend point accrual.

My goal:
I will definitely use my next St George card for Krisflyer as that is what I am currently saving for.
I have 1.5 million Qantas and now going for enough Kris points to get suites for 2 people to Europe or Canada.

Here is my list of financial institutions that I cycle through each year. Unfortunately I still waste a lot of spend as I churn through these too fast and waste dollars on cards that have already met the intro spend requirement.

If you know of any other providers, please add to this list:

Qantas Money
St Geoge / SA / BM