Has anyone else experienced identity theft with Qantas Premier card?

Has anyone else experienced any issues with Identity Theft with this card? Applied for and received it in Nov 2019. Mid December had someone contact the call centre and successfully change numerous data points (eie email address, postal address, mother’s maiden name). They also appear to have gained access to some of my data (drivers license and previous employer). They then have created a new card request using all this which shows up in my credit report.

Left battling to try a and close the account out, despite recognising there has been a breach and validating myself with their security team, the call centre refuses to update their records and lock this person out unless I send them a letter (a physical letter - not an email). Getting alerts of transactions duing the day and alerts that the account is being accessed at 2am more 5 days after I reported the breach - been a nightmare to say the least and going to continue whilst I try and get this card cancelled.

My recommendation is that the points this card gives aren’t worth it, look at other options.