Has anyone been approved of a Citi (now NAB) issued card since June 2022?

Hi all,
I’ve been cycling through Credit Cards for years (often applying and getting approval for cards every 1-2 months) without issue. This year I’ve been declined for a few Citi-issued cards (Bank of Queensland, Citi Premier Platinum) for no apparent reason, and then approved for Amex, CBA and ANZ in the 4 months since.
I put this down to strict criteria from Citi - likely too many applications for credit in the months preceding. I’m aware that NAB have now bought out Citi’s Australian operation - they are still operating and branded as Citi but are owned by NAB. When you look at the fine print for a Bank of Queenslad card, it now says ‘NAB’s standard credit assessment criteria apply’.
I’m just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience of being denied by Citi and you’ve have had success in an application since NAB took over (since June 1 2022).
I’m cautious of applying with them again too soon but have held pretty much every other rewards card in the last 12 months so am also keen to get a new card and some bonus points.

Hi seandebooy- I am in the same boat as you. No issues with anyone except for Citi. I applied for the Virgin Money flyer card just after NAB took over Citi and still got rejected. I’ve decided I’m not going to bother with anything in the Citi/NAB stable for a good 6 + months.

Hi guys. I successfully applied and was accepted for a NAB Qantas CC a few months back. However, doesn’t seem promising if I were to cancel my NAB card and apply for a Citi one…

The approval process for the NAB CC was very impressive, it was a quick turn around compared to the likes of Citi (before NAB took over).

Same here. I understand you have to wait at least 3 months if declined by Citi before reapplying for any Citi associated cards (which include Virgin cards too).