Get refund without losing sign-up bonus

Hi all,

Thanks for your help with my previous question - now another question regarding point hacking the credit card bonus points sign-up bonus!

Here’s the scenario: I apply for a new credit card with a sign-up bonus of 50,000 FF points when I spend at least $3,000 in the first 3 months. I purchase a laptop for $3,000 (with the intention of returning it) and also chewing gum for $2 in the same transaction. Hence the total transaction appearing on my credit card statement is for $3,002.

When I return and get a refund of $3,000 for the laptop, will it be picked up on my credit card statement that I received a refund and therefore put me back under the minimum-spend threshold required for the sign-up bonus? Or since the refund was for a different amount to the initial transaction (because of the chewing gum - initial purchase $2,002 v refund $2,000) will my credit card not identify the credit as a refund, still think I have met the minimum spend threshold and issue me the bonus points?

Anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks guys!


No. A refund to any credit card actually results in a reversal of points ie points deducted.

A possible tactic is to get it refunded to another credit card but many retailers will not allow this

Also I think you should focus less on trying to get refunds. Minimum spend exists for a reason, credit card providers want to see evidence you are a genuine customer.