Flybuys vs Woolworths rewards - which one has more offers that can be used to multiply points quickly?

Hi guys.

I just wanted to ask in terms of more offers, which one is better, fly buys card or woolworths rewards card ?
Which one has got more offers that can be used to multiply the points more quickly ?


That is not an easy question. Both programs use targeted bonus offers to individuals based on your spend habits. No 2 individuals get the same offers

As an example I have a colleague who spends much more are a certain supermarket and I noticed his targeted offers have much higher minimum spend.

Secondly do you prefer Virgin, etihad or qantas points? That could also influence your choice


I don’t play favourites. Both programs are free so I use the Coles Rewards MC to get 2fb / 1 Velocity pt per $ when I have to use MC (I transfer during 15% bonus periods), but as our shop is normally done at Woolies, so I use the WW rewards card there.

Woolworths have been having great deals on gift cards lately which I use to maximise points. For instance, this week, they have 2,000 bonus WW rewards / 870 Qantas points on Jetstar & Accor $100 gift cards. Effectivly scored 12,180 Qantas points on my $1,400 Jetstar flights I had planned with the family with this special