Earning points via RewardPay for ATO payments with Amex - can I transfer Ascent MR points to Qantas points?

Hi all — thanks for the excellent articles on ATO solutions. I have read through it all and decided to give the Reward Pay PLUS American Express Business Accelerator option a go, as I have to pay BAS and my PAYG installments.

BUT, it seems that Ascent points cannot be directed to Qantas, which is what I’m mostly after. Is that correct? I have a personal Amex Platinum, but that’s only worth 0.5 points so no point using that!

Thanks for your help and a great community. — Jane


Yes only Ascent Premium can transfer to Qantas.

Thanks … so I could cop the high fee and get 1 point/$ using my Amex Platinum via Reward Pay, if I decided it was worth it to me… ?

At 1pt/$1 imo the fees are very hard to justify though you need to do the maths