Does Virgin Visa count as Citibank for points signup bonus

I currently have a Virgin Velocity High Flyer Visa. It’s run by Citibank.

I want to setup an account to get Qantas points for a possible RTW trip in a few years. Currently Citi are offering 90000 points signup bonus with the usual 12 month exclusion.

Any idea if I’ll be excluded or not? I have a Citi debit card but as far as I know this doesn’t affect the bonus.

I believe both are considered separate products because technically the Virgin card is part of Virgin Money and so you would be eligible for the bonus on the Qantas card.

That is my understanding too.

That’s what I’d thought. The Virgin card doesn’t actually say Citi anywhere on it. Just clear when you’re calling them (and from the shocking website interface).

Thanks everyone.