Does VicRoads spend qualify as spend for bonus points?

Hi there - as per the title above, does VicRoads spend qualify for bonus points?

And I notice that you can pay via Aus Post - anyone know how would this work? I’m assuming it’s over the counter only. If so, does that qualify?


Hi Ben,

The only way to find out is to read the fine print of whatever bonus point offer it is that you’re taking up. If the Terms & Conditions say that “government” or “semi-government” spend does not count towards bonus points, then your VicRoads spend will not qualify for bonus points. If the T&Cs don’t mention government spending, then you’re probably in luck. But you have to read the T&Cs yourself to find out. Every bonus point offer is different.

Re paying by Australia Post – you can either do so in person or via the website. But be careful because Australia Post is most definitely a “government” entity so paying that way will probably not qualify for the bonus points. Some Point Hacks readers, including me, have had some success paying through Postbillpay using PayPal – but in my experience this is “hit and miss”.

Thanks sixtyeight.

I’m referring to the NAB Signature Rewards Visa card which has just arrived in the post.

Their T&C’s on this are surprisingly few and far between. The Exclusions for points accrual that appear relevant are:

(i) cash advances (which include bills paid over the counter at a bank, financial institution or post office, and the purchase of travellers cheques);

(iii) transactions where the card is used to make payments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) (including related fees and charges)

So from reading the above, does that mean paying over the counter at AusPost is a no-go, but paying on the VicRoads website is good to go?

(There’s a credit card charge on the VicRoads website, but hey-ho.)