Does the Qantas Premier Mastercard come with $300 travel credit?

Hi all. I have the Qantas Premier Mastercard and have received the 60,000 points bonus. I recall the offer also included a $300 travel credit, but am now unsure whether this was actually the case. Does anyone have any information on the offer at the time? I received my card in September 2018.

I have the same question. Citibank fob me off to QANTAS and QANTAS don’t reply to my emails. It has been over two months now since I first enquired.

I got my card in October 2018, met the points spend in November and received the 60,000 QFF on the December statement.  I phoned Qantas money recently to ask about the $300 voucher and was advised “it will be emailed within 3 months of QFF being awarded”.  This means I’ll likely have to wait until late March 2019 to receive it.