Does the Amex 18 month cooling period start when you cancel your last Amex card?

I’ve just cancelled a Amex credit card, because I wasn’t really using it anymore (was a basic Essesntial card).

In the future, I foresee I might sign up for a new Amex card of some kind if a good deal is available. I often read that there is a 12-18 month cooling off period before previous members are able to sign up for these deals.

My question is, 12-18 months from when? Is it from the point that I cancelled this card? Or do I need to go further, and somehow cancel my account all together? i.e. I can still sign in to my online account, so wondering if this still counts as being a member, even if I have cancelled the card. Or is it the case that now I have been a member, I will never be considered a 'new member again?


You’re only eligible for sign-up offers if you haven’t had an AmEx card within the past 18 months. So if you cancel your Essential card now and you don’t have any other AmEx cards, you’ll be eligible for a sign-up bonus on a new card 18 months from now.
You don’t need to cancel your account altogether. It’ll just remain dormant for the next 18 months but you’ll still be able to sign in, access statements etc.

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