Does purchasing flights using Flight Centre giftcards activate Westpac Altitude Black credit card travel insurance cover?

Hello friends,

I’m looking for some advice/confirmation please.

I purchased flight centre gift cards vis the youi rewards app to purchase my flight centre flights and cruise package for NZ.

Will this count as the qualified spend to activate Westpac Altitude Black insurance cover?

Read the terms and conditions of the insurance, what does the words actually say?. NAB in particular states that they wont accept purchases through Paypal. Personally I wouldnt do it such a contrived thing, If I want the insurance, I always do the spend directly, its just not worth it. Even if you ring and ask, and they say its OK. What happens if you go to claim and then they say NO. They wont accept hearsay, they will just refer you to the terms and conditions.

I don’t have this particular card, but my experience is no.

You should probably further confirm this by calling the customer service on the back of your card.

Thanks and great advice. I called westpac unsurance and they said it was ok as long as if when I claim I can prove the gift vouchers purchased were used.

Hopefully I dont need to claim. if I do I’ve registered with commbank for a backup. (no spend required)