Does purchasing currency qualify as minimum spend for ANZ Black Credit Card?

Hi There,

I have just recieved my ANZ Frequent Flyer Black where i need to spend $3k in 3 months to recieve my FF points.

I need to purchase some YEN for an upcoming trip to Japan. If i purchase this YEN (e.g. convert $3k) at a currency exchange shop in person using my credit card - will this be counted as my 3k?


Hi @EMs

ANZ does not make it easy to find the answer to your question! But the answer, most probably, is no, purchasing a foreign currency does not count towards the spending to receive the bonus points.

The Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the credit card application page state that the spending must be on “eligible purchases” as defined by the “ANZ Frequent Flyer Terms & Conditions” document. That document states that “cash advances” as defined by the “ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use” document are not eligible.

Finally, page 8 of the “Conditions of Use” document defines a “cash advance” as “any use of your credit card … for obtaining cash … in any currency”.

So, having plowed through 3 sets of fine print, it looks like you’ll have to spend your $3000 on something else to get the bonus points.


Thank you so much! Based on your answer I think your right, it’s probably best for me to spend my $3000 elsewhere.
I did send an email to ANZ and they sent me their terms and conditions which didn’t help with clarification.