Does paying Vicroads registration qualify for ANZ Black Frequent Flyer card minimum spend?

Hi PointHacks!

I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not VicRoads rego payment would count towards the 4k? I’m not able to find out whether it counts as a “government” organisation.


Hi @patrick185491

I wouldn’t risk it. VicRoads is a branch of the government. There are too many bonus points at stake for you to count on your payment to them.

It might count. My wife has an ANZ Travel Adventures Visa and we get the full complement of points when we pay rego and other government expenses on it. But that’s not to say that it will count towards the sign-up bonus and the T&C’s for your card indicate that government spend won’t count.

My advice: don’t risk it; if you need to get your spending up to qualify for the points bonus, buy some supermarket gift cards from Coles or Woolies – something that you know you’ll spend in the near future.

I have that card and use it to pay all rego and utilities and always receive full points.

Hi all!

Actually gave ANZ a call - they confirmed it would not count towards my qualifying $4k spend. They were, however, able to confirm that paying my rent will allow me qualify!

Thanks for the help lads!