Does paying fees & taxes on award bookings using my card make me eligible for complementary insurances?

I have just got a new card, st George signature. They offer QBE travel insurance on international holidays purchased on the card.
If I make a classic rewards redemption on a return flight and pay only the fees & taxes on the card am I eligible for insurance?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Credit Card complementary insurance on Qantas Classic Rewards

P.28 of the terms of the insurance says taxes can be included in min spend for insurance to be eligible

As Mark have mentioned above, sometimes its necessary to dig through the finer details in the terms and conditions or ring up and ask an agent (hopefully they know the answer).

Personally, I am only familiar with the Amex Plat Charge, which only requires you to pay for the taxes (for redemptions) for the outbound and inbound leg from/to Australia to activate their complimentary travel insurance.