Does my Amex Membership Reward program change if getting Amex Platinum Charge after Amex Explorer?

Hi all.

I currently have the Amex Business Explorer card, which earns 2 MR points per dollar. But these are Gateway Points - so 2 Gateway MR = 1.5 Krisflyer.

I am thinking about whether I should also get the Platinum (personal) card on top of it, for its many benefits. The Platinum earns 0.5-3 points per dollar depending on the merchant but crucially, the points are all Ascent points. So 2 Ascent MR = 2 Krisflyer.

My question is: After I get the Platinum card on top of the current Explorer, when I use the Explorer, are the points earned still Gateway MR or do they become Ascent points also? I.e do the two cards simply earn its own class of MR points and show up as separate classes in my account or does getting the Platinum “upgrade” my future Explorer MR points to Ascent as well?

I have read conflicting information after a search, hence the ask. Thanks in advance.

Hi Jstph,

If you do nothing after receiving your Platinum card, the points you earn from your Explorer card will still be Gateway points. However, if you get the Platinum card and then call AmEx and ask nicely, they may well agree to both convert all your Gateway points to Ascent points, and to also enrol your Explorer in the Ascent programme so  you’ll be earning Ascent points from your Explorer spend from now on. I don’t think this is “official” AmEx policy but it certainly worked for me when I added a Platinum Edge card (Ascent) to my Explorer card.

I don’t know how necessary this is, but I remember reading somewhere that if you call AmEx late at night you’ll get put through to a call centre where the staff are particularly  helpful and accommodating. I’ve personally found this to be the case and now I always call AmEx after 10pm.

Hope this helps!