Does ANZ consider Sniip payments as eligible purchases?

I’m looking at getting “ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card” as my first card.
It requires $5000 in the first 3 months and I most likely won’t spend this naturally.

I have a mortgage (investment property) and pay rent myself - however I pay rent to a private landlord (it seems you can’t get points for this), and it sounds difficult to pay the mortgage using a card. Normally they take the mortgage payments directly out of my offset.

However, I read the article about paying your ATO tax through an app like ‘sniip’: How to earn full points at the ATO with Sniip - Point Hacks
If I can pay my tax bill, I will meet the $5000 threshhold.

My concern is the wording on the credit card, they all seem to have it, “eligible purchases”.

Would using sniip to pay my tax count as an eligible purchase? Is an eligible purchase just anything you spend on the credit card, excluding transfers?


Hi @m_arch

You can read on page 9 of ANZ’s Reward Terms and Conditions about what does not count as an “eligible purchase”. It’s quite a long list, and it ends with the catch-all statement that “certain transactions made with certain merchants may be treated as ineligible” even if they’re not on the “ineligible transactions” list! Thanks ANZ for making that clear!

So no-one can categorically say that ANZ will never add Sniip to the list of ineligible transactions. However, to my knowledge, it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve frequently used Sniip to pay government fees such as car rego etc that wouldn’t otherwise earn reward points, and I have never had any problems getting the points.

So without giving any guarantees, I’m confident that payments using Sniip will count as an eligible purchase.