Does anyone know additional info about credit card travel insurance for people with pre-existing conditions?

Has anyone got any experience with travel insurance provided by most of the “platinum” tiered credit cards and pre-existing health conditions?
Seems that Allianz provides travel insurance for most if not all of these cards these days.
In the T&C’s it mentions that you can call to be assessed to determine if they include pre-existing conditions in the standard cover (additional admin fee), however there is no mention whether you can get cover for a pre-existing condition which won’t be included by the standard cover by paying an extra premium?

Welcome @SFlyer,
Given the complexity of insurance coverage in general etc… I think a specific tailored product would be more suitable in a case where there are pre-existing conditions like you mention, instead of the more “vanilla” coverage provided by the various credit card providers. (Note: I’m not an insurance agent and this does not constitute financial/insurance advice! :upside_down_face:)

I would recommend having a read of the Smart Traveller website. They link to the Insurance Council of Australia where you can filter by travel insurance providers who provide cover for pre-existing conditions. Depending on the conditions, these may be automatically covered by a default policy, or in some cases (not all by the looks of it) can be covered by payment of an additional premium loading.

I’d definitely recommend calling up to get specific information/quote and ask for it to be confirmed in writing/email before handing over your cold hard cash. Another option mentioned on Smart Traveller is to engage an insurance broker to help you find the required coverage for your trip - however I’m sure there are no guarantees. Dare I say, insurance companies are in the business of mitigating their risks! I’m sure every traveller’s mileage will vary.

Best of luck!