Does anyone have any recent experience applying for the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card?

Does anyone have any recent experience applying for the above card?
This is my third time churning this card, I applied this morning and received a different email response to the two previous times.
This one says:
“We will be in touch shortly, and may ask you for any further documentation we may need based on your circumstances.”
In the previous application just over 12 months ago, the email immediately asked for payslips and rental income evidence however this application didn’t. I still uploaded the evidence, but this email reads as though I was automatically declined?
Any thoughts?

Went through similar experience on this card - in the end decided to withdraw my application. Found their application process is very rigid - at least to my circumstances. They ask alot of information which is frankly not worth the time and effort.

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I got the same reply in September, and was approved for the card without needing any more evidence than my payslips.