Does anybody know if getting a NAB card will make me ineligible for sign up bonus on AMEX platinum?

Hi Everyone

I am looking at getting the NAB AMEX + Visa with the 75000 bonus sign up but i was also wanting to get the AMEX platinum charge with 80000 early next year.

Does anybody know if getting the NAB card will make me ineligible for the sign up bonus on the AMEX platinum ?

It says  only available to new american express customers withing the last 12 months, are you still considered a new customer if you have a card with them through another bank ?


im pretty sure amex told other people i know its only american express cards that you have to be a new member or having 12 months off . as i know people with anz amex and visa and they still got the 100000 velocity points with the velocity amex

You would be eligible for the AMEX platinum bonus points as this card is issued by AMEX directly. Bank issued AMEX cards are not considered. However, if you already own another AMEX directly issued credit card you may not get the bonus points. Also, when applying for platinum charge card make sure to use a referral to get 100,000 points or more instead of 80,000.

I believe the referrer needs to have either the Amex Platnium charge card or the Platnium edge card.