Does any credit card travel insurance cover missed connecting flights?

Hi guys

Can anyone advise me if the complimentary travel insurance that comes with Credit Cards comes with a missed connection cover, and if so which card covers that.

Assuming the first flight is with Qantas to Singapore, and the second flight is with Air Asia from Singapore to Penang. If the Qantas flight is delayed and I miss the onward flight to Penang, which cards would cover me for a replacement ticket for the onward connection to Penang?
As the Air Asia ticket is on a separate booking with a separate PNR, I am aware that Qantas may not be responsible for those costs of rebooking (if it was a unique PNR number they would be).

Some insurance policies that come with credit cards only have cover for Hotel Accommodation at the airport where the missed connection occurs but I have not been able to come across any that would cover the cost of the replacement ticket. Any feedback would be appreciated.


For entertainment I had a look at my current card, a NAB Qantas Visa. Nobody should rely on my interpretation of the policy which basically covers insured ‘events’ like medical emergency, accident or theft. The travel delay benefit might pay some food and accommodation, while if you were travelling to an ‘event’ the alternative transport expenses might be worth asking about. As coverage for a replacement flight ticket is not mentioned, personally I would assume I’m not covered. I’d be checking my onward connection airline rules for no-show. Or enjoying a Singapore stopover :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark
I had checked 4 other cards and called one of the underwriters. None cover the missed connection due to delays.
A lesson to ensure that all forward flights should be on the same PNR to get the airline to be responsible for this.