Does AMEX Supplementary cards always require new login?

Hi all,

just had a query, so i’ve been given a supplementary amex card, and am trying to link it to my already existing account, but am being told that this is not possible? and that the new supplementary card required a completely new login. Is this everyone else’s experience also?


I had a similar experience. I couldn’t add the AmEx Plt Edge Supp card to my main account and had to create a new login for it - this was a couple of years ago.
I got a AmEx Qantas Premium Supp card a month ago and it added to my main account just fine.
As far as I can think of, it is either the card type or the relationship with the primary card holder that makes the difference - I asked the AmEx CS on this and their thoughts all supplementary cards need their own logins and she was surprised that I could add my new Supp card to my main account.

Just remembered, my wife could add all her Supp cards to her main account…seems like no logic there.

My experience has always been that you need to create a new login for each additional cardholder, but that the main cardholder can always see the full account and transaction details of the additional card when the main cardholder logs in.

Okay so interestingly enough, i tried again today and was able to just link the accounts together! success!