Does adding an additional cardholder incur additional credit checks?

Hi all

Just a quick question on adding an additional card holder with both Amex and NAB. Does this process mean that Amex/NAB will perform another credit enquiry on me? Or on the additional card holder, or both of us? I don’t want unnecessary credit enquiries on my credit file so I just want to make sure they don’t do this as standard practice.
The reason I thought of this is when applying for an additional cardholder there’s language like “if approved, we’ll mail the card to…” which makes it sound like more of a credit application.

Any knowledge or experience in this is greatly appreciated.


Hi jamesmwa

As far as I can say, no credit check is performed either on the primary account holder or the additional cardholder while issuing an aditioanl card. The reason why they ask for those details is to make sure the additional cardholder is an actual person ( i have read about people taking supp cards on their pets’s names). As an example, I do not see any addtional credit checks either on my credit report or my wife’s credit report for any of the additional cards we have.


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Thank you very much.