Do you qualify for Amex Qantas Ultimate sign up bonus while holding Amex David Jones card?

I current hold both the QF Ultimate and the DJ Amex but I’m thinking of churning the Ultimate and holding onto the DJ’s card.

I did gain the DJ points while holding the Ultimate but what are my chances of gaining the sign up bonus for the Ultimate in 18 months time while holding the DJ?

I can’t find a definite answer in the Amex T&C’s apart from a statement re Amex issues cards. Is the DJ Amex classified as a Amex issued?

Any feedback from experience or a T&C reference would be appreciated.

As mentioned in the T&Cs, DJ’s Amex cards are in a separate category, and have no effect on applicability for normal Amex card bonus points.  I also wasn’t confident so I called Amex helpline and they also confirmed this is the case.