Do you need to contact Amex and request the doubling your point balance before the April devaluation?


I saw on a post on Pointhacks that Amex has targetted people to double their points before the devaluation on 15 April.

Has anyone got it? Or is it something I need to call Amex and get them to do it on the premises I would leave and cancel the card?

I have both the Amex Edge and Explorer and have over 250k points and been wanting to use it for Msia but no business class availability in September o.0


I’ve seen it all over the net today.

On plat charge the transfer to Starwood is 3:2 and will be remaining the same after deval. Suppose you get a double bonus and Starwood airline transfers largely remain at 1:1 you could end up with say 133,000~ points that you may only get 100-115k(with a bonus) usually before deval.

You can always try your luck by asking. It would help if your monthly spend is very high.

I would rate your chances as less than 5%, IMO. Still worth trying. I have heard of 2 success stories and these were for the Business Explorer card (very high monthly spend).

IMO if you don’t have a platinum your chances are zero. Guy with the same 2 cards as you and 10mil points got rejected.

I was lucky and got mine doubled. I asked before Xmas and got a reply mid March