Do you have to live in Australia to apply for points credit card?

Hi everyone,
My sister is currently living and working in the U.K. as a physiotherapist (good wage). She is of course anAustralian citizen. She doesn’t have any credit cards and is happy for me to apply for credit cards in her name- do the spending to get bonus points and then cancel them. Would the banks actually know if she doesn’t currently live and work in Australia? I mean technically she is earning $70000 AUD equivalent per year and has no debts so she would qualify right? Or do they actually check she has a bank account in Australia that has a regular wage being paid in?
Thanks for your help

It’s usually in the terms and conditions that you have to be a permanent resident in Australia. \r\nWith an income of $70,000 she would qualify for some cards with bonus offers, though others have a higher minimum income. It’s quite common to be asked to provide payslips as part of the application process.\r\nUnfortunately I don’t think this is a viable strategy for you.

I previously replied to this yesterday.  And the response was deleted. Whilst the question might be asked in good faith, besides an Australian residency and income requirement , what the questioner is asking is in fact a breach of consumer credit conditions. You cannot ask someone to take out a credit card on your behalf. The only exception is secondary card holders.