Do you have to apply or get approved by the Amex offer deadline to qualify for the signup bonus?

We signed up for the Amex Ultimate card on Sunday 8th April online with the cut off day being Monday 9th April to get the bonus 100,000 points. Does anyone know if you still get the 100,000 bonus Qantas points by simply applying for the card or did the card have to be fully approved by the 9th? We emailed Amex on Tuesday to find out after receiving a “your card is still in the processing stage and need further details”. We didn’t email any further salary details on. We got a generic email response of someone will get back to you within 5 days but now we have just received a text saying the card has been approved…

Usually you have to submit your application before cut-off date…so in your case you should be fine. If you want an accurate answer call, maybe call the AmEx CS.