Do you have to apply or apply and be approved by the offer end date for the current Amex Explorer offer?

With regard to the AMEX Explorer credit card promotion which expires on 9 April. To qualify for the promotion do you need to apply online before 9 April or apply online and be approved before 9 April? The information on the AMEX link on your web is confusing. I don’t want to apply before 9 April, get approved after 9 April (which is very likely due to employer dysfunction!) and then have to pay annual fee without any of the promotion benefits.

Appreciate your advice.


From personal experience and reading the offer, you would need to complete the application by the 9th. Approval can be later.

If you wish to confirm, you can ring Amex.

As long as you apply by 9th, you will be ok. The approval process is quick & painless. If approved, you will have the card in your hands within 5 working days.