Do you get another credit enquiry on your credit file if you have previously applied for another card from the same financial provider (e.g. Amex)?

Hi guys.

I want to ask a question, I don’t think it comes under financial advice (as the site don’t give advice about it and its fair enough ).

Re: the credit enquiry by AMEX, is it only once ?
For example if someone has got a DJ AMEX card, and if they apply for another AMEX- issued card eg. qantas ultimate card, is it true that AMEX checks the credit history only on the first occasion and not on the 2nd.
We can see the credit enquiries on on our profile, to see if its true.
If any one had the experience of this, can they kindly share.

Also, PH team, if it comes under a category which the team don’t like to answer, kindly let me know and i’ll refrain from asking similar questions in the future.

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Hi Hassan,

AFAIK, every single credit card application, whether it will be approved or declined, will appear as another credit enquiry on your credit file. It doesn’t matter whether you have previously applied for it.

If I haven’t advised this before (I couldn’t keep track as you have asked quite a few questions :), I personally like to keep track of my credit score via websites like and credit as I don’t want to destroy my credit rating even when I do practise some form of churning credit cards some times.

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Hi W-hiew.

Thanks 4 ur reply.

I really appreciate it.

Yes you are right. I have asked lots of Qs recently, and i guess, you have answered most, if not all of them… thanks 4 that.  you did tell me about the credit score websites.

I read somewhere else on one of the blogs that AMEX do 1 enquiry only.

I do follow PH regularly, thats y i wanted to check with you guys.


Hi Hassan,

Not sure whether you will see this. Thanks for your comments. The commenting system is down at the moment. So I can’t read your full comments.

Don’t worry about asking too many questions. I was just pulling your leg. We are always happy to help as long as you give us as much info as you can so we can try to give specific reaponses.

Thanks W-hiew.

Last Q in this regard.

There is a paid subscription from equifax (79.95$ per year). Do you think if some like us do some form of credit card churning, should we be getting this? Here is the link:

I know its an individual decision, but just wanted your opinion on this if thats ok with you. I know about the free credit check websites. Do you think it gives us more detailed credit history and i think most of the credit card lenders use it when we apply for credit cards. Don’t hesitate to not answer if you don’t find it appropriate…