Do you earn points when buying shares with credit card?

I just signed up for a credit card and need to meet the minimum spend for the bonus points. The minimum is quite high and I am wondering if buying shares counts as an “eligible transaction”. I am buying shares every month anyway. CMC online broker seems to only charge 1% for loading funds into the CMC account via credit card. Have you had any experience with this? Thanks in advance!

I bought some shares through IG and paid via Paypal (and Paypal via credit card). The fee was 1% and it earned points on the card I used (an AMEX card). I can’t say for certain if they counted towards the spend requirement, but it doesn’t come up as a cash advance, so is probably ok.

But earning 1.5 points per $1 on the card, with a 1% charge, meant that accumulating 60,000 QFF points would cost me $400.

I think CC applications are better value for points.

Thanks for your response Michael. That is encouraging! If you managed to earn points on that, then I would assume that it counts towards the minimum spend as well (though we can’t say for certain)

And yes I agree with you - I wouldn’t try to earn points that way - I would only use it to meet the minimum spend on a recent credit card application.


I trade occasionally through ANZ and earn QFF points on the trade value. This was set up when it was eTrade. Not a big earner but something for nothing on spend I already undertake.