Do you activate the Amex complimentary travel insurance by paying for the tax component with the Amex credit card?

Off to Singapore and Thailand. Booked 2 x return Singapore Airline business class, using Velocity > Krisflyer points. (Had no issues with availability, by the way.) Was charged around A$300 in fees and taxes and paid this using my Amex Platinum Velocity card.

The complimentary travel insurance that comes with this card - will it still be valid, even though I haven’t paid full fare using the card?

The T&C’s of the travel insurance policy state that for the insurance to be activated you must pay “the full fare” on the AmEx card “or with Velocity points” (page 4 of the T&Cs document). As you paid with KrisFlyer points rather than Velocity points, my guess is that the travel insurance cover will not be valid.

My advice would be to get separate travel insurance for peace-of-mind.

Thanks for your reply, sixtyeight. You have indeed highlighted the ambiguity - or maybe it’s not at all - of the policy. It reads:

Cover is effective when You pay the full fare for a Trip on the American Express Velocity Platinum Card Account or with Velocity Points.

I have used Velocity points. However, they were converted into Krisflyer.