Do I qualify for the DJ AMEX signup bonus if I am an existing Amex cardholder?

Hi all, I currently have the AMEX Velocity Plat and the Explorer for the past few years. I am interested in the DJ AMEX card with it's current signup bonus. Would i need to drop either the Velocity Plat or Explorer in order to get the DJ AMEX card ? 


Existing American Express cardholders are qualified for the David Jones signup bonus.

Here’s a quote from our David Jones American Express card guide:

Also worth knowing - existing American Express cardholders are also eligible for this bonus, with the terms outlining that only existing cardholders of the David Jones Amex not being able to receive the bonus.

You may also read more about Amex signup bonus eligibility in our separate guide here:

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile:

I will apply for the card then.