Do I earn points when paying with Paypal using a linked credit card?

I purchase a lot through paypal and was wondering if i can setup my paypal purchases to use these cards or if that would be considered a cash transaction and not be elegible to gain points?

Also are there any fees for using amex with paypal?

BTW, i’ve been reading a lot from your site and am really thankful for the quality info you provide, its helped me a lot with understanding how to get the most out of my spending!


The short answer is, yes, you get points. So better use your Amex.

Any surcharges? Depends on the recipient. PayPal do charge a fee for its transaction, but many seller will absorb the cost. So whether Amex or MC, no difference. However, if u r transferring money to a friend/family, then the surcharges will be deducted from the amount you transferred. I believe it's 2.6% + $0.30