Do I earn frequent flyer points if I use my credit card for DEFT Payments (rent)?

Hi There,

Just wondering if credit card payments through DEFT are included as an eligible purchase on credit cards? meaning you can receive frequent flyer points for paying rent etc.


From very shallow Google searches, it seems you do but DEFT charges a CC surcharge. You have to justify any possible point earn by giving the points you earn a $ value.

If you are up for experimenting, you can pay once on ccard and check your point statement (if your ccard provides a point statement).

A side note: Some Ccard gives lower rates of point earn for bill payments (e.g. Bpay) too.

Or you can maybe wait for someone with definite answers to respond.

Yes, you do. I often pay by DEFT (strata fees and previously rent) and have always received points.