Do any banks offer annual fee pro rata refunds when cancelling a credit card?

If I have used my sign up bonus, free flights, lounge passes etc and for example cancel a card after4 months is it possible to get a pro rata annual fee reimbursed?

No. no card issuer ever gives pro rata reimbursements for cancelling a card for any reason.

Not true. Several times I have received ( insisted on ) pro rats refund if credit card annual fee for unused portion. I would definitely insist on a refund if part year fees. Cheers. John.

Please name the card issuers that give pro rata refunds

I have read on other forums where people have stated they had annual fee refunds also. I will be giving it a try when I cancel my next card.

Depends on your timeframes, but both ANZ and CBA have refunded me the entire fee after cancelling a credit card soon after the renewal date.  CBA told me beforehand not to worry and that they would allow a bit of a grace period, which they did, and based on this when I forgot to cancel an ANZ card I asked for a refund as well and they happily gave it to me.

I guess from their perspective they’re hoping that I’ll come back as a customer… and to be fair, it does leave me with a good impression of them both :slight_smile:

Amex also provide pro-rata refunds for annual card fees, at least in some circumstances.