Credit card sign up offer - how to determine eligible spend to earn bonus?


I have two credit cards at the moment that I need to meet a minimum spend on to get the bonus points. I am wondering if I can pay the statement on one (eg by BPay) with the other, to count toward the minimum spend?

Eg can I pay my Amex qantas ultimate card with my anz frequent flyer platinum?

I’m finding it hard to find information on what does and doesn’t count as “eligible spending”, eg I have heard rumours that gift cards don’t count but can’t see to confirm this anywhere.

Any help appreciated!

It depends on the specific conditions of the card but most cards do not earn any points (nor count for bonus) for BPay. I would think almost all if not all credit cards would not allow to be paid off via another credit card using bpay. The main reason being is that this creates risky credit behaviour,secondly if this was allowed it would be an unbelievably easy way to earn points by simply continually transferring balances between 2 cards

Lastly gift cards are always an eligible purchase .


Most cards now are excluding BPAY as an eligible transaction. However paying credit with credit isn’t allowed (it will go through as a cash advance) and that definitely is not an eligible transaction.

If you find the webpage for your signup offer and find terms and conditions, scroll through, and a list of eligible transactions should be listed (or there will be a link to them).

Usually these non eligible transactions are:

Fees and charges, BPAY, Government charges (this includes any ATO payments plus some council/water rates on some cards, eg Citibank won’t allow this, but seems to be okay on others eg Jetstar MasterCard), cash advances, refunded transactions, fraudulent transactions, purchasing any cash/gift cards/travellers cheques

Basically if you just buy goods and pay bills (subject to above) they are all eligible including overseas transactions