Credit card bonus for those with low incomes / on pension?

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I am on the pension and don’t have an income other than welfare benefits paid per fortnight. I can’t afford to travel but was hoping I could sign up to a few credit cards to use those bonus points for airfares. However, it appears that all credit cards require a minimum salary threshold of at least $30,000 which I do not have. Can you recommend/advise how I can start acquiring frequent flyer points?

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Check out this page I found on Google.

You may have to dig a bit further with regards to the income requirements.

We can’t give personal financial advice here on PointHacks. We can just give you the info and tools to make a decision for yourself.

Good luck.

I would add that almost all low income cards offer no points earning nor offer sign on bonuses of lots of points. Also a pension is usually not counted for income purposes