Clarification on tax/surcharge components when redeeming with Qantas FF points?

I have read the posts about the value of a point. the thing that I don’t understand is the taxes component for Qantas FF.

Eg. Last year we flew Perth-Denpasar for 36K each, plus $220 taxes AU. This year we flew Perth-Adelaide for 36K each plus $50ish taxes each.

Based on that example, flights within Australia are a better value … but am I missing something? I have read the info about points redemption value…. But it says that taxes is something separate.

I also feel read somewhere (please link if it were on the point hacks site!) that if you can go to a One world partner or site and use your QFF there, you won’t be subject to the taxes of Qantas that makes using the points for international flights questionable value. (in our way of thinking.)

thanks for any insight you can offer!

Hi aris,

Have a read of the following links.

Once you have, please ask if you have more questions.

No such website to avoid taxes.