Changing Citibank Signature Visa from Citibank Rewards to Qantas Frequent Flyer

Hi guys, applied for a citi signature visa last month but never got offered the option to enroll into the Qantas rewards scheme. The card arrived last week but i'm considering sending it back because citi point don't have real value to me. Has anyone successfully called them to enrol in Qantas rewards and still got the 60k bonus points? 

This is quite an old thread, however am curious if opt-in is actually worth it or not? How would you do the analysis?\r\n\r\nIs it better to remain on Citibank Signature rewards or combine into Qantas rewards?\r\n\r\nI see general spending on Citibank Signature only gives 1/2 points per dollar.

I'm not exactly sure, but I'd imagine they could easily add in your QF membership to your file. Why not call them up, mention you were not given the choice and say you will cancel the card unless your QF membership can be added. Should work every time. 

I believe you have to call them to opt into QFF and have to pay an opt-in fee. If you didn't tell them in the first place, they put you into the Citi Reward by default.

I am not sure if you can still get the sign up bonus into QFF. If they haven't credit it, you might have a chance to switch it. Otherwise, once it is credited you cannot switch it back and forth between the 2 rewards program.

It's the same citi card for qff. Just call and ask to be enrolled in the qf program instead of citi. They will charge an additional $49/y fee for the privilege. If you haven't made a purchase yet then the bonus shouldnt have posted and you should be able to switch to qf and get the qf bonus points. 

once you have switched to qf points and got the card setup call them again and ask to be switched to the fee free for life offer on the citi sig. With enough persistence they will do it. Only thing that won't be waived is the $49/year. 

If you have already earnt the 60k bonus citi points then transfer them out before changing to qff. I recommend either Virgin or Singapore. Will be 40k points in either program and plenty of uses for them. 

For what it's worth the citi points are much more valuable than qantas points. Hope this helps. 

Yeah card hasn't been activated yet so assume it shouldn't be a problem...depending on citi customer service. 

My experience with banks is that when they have to do something manually there is always potential for them to screw things up and leave you hanging with a big annual fee and no bonus points to show for :P 

Anyway, i'll post back once I get in touch with them.

Ok so i've got some good news and some bad news...

Called them up and they refused to set me up on QF and give me QF bonus points so I said " ok cancel the card". Once I got trough to the closure deppartement they offered me the card for free ($299) and the 60k citi points.

Done, deal :P

So for anyone wanting some free points I would reccommend signing up, don't activate your card then see if they will give you a better deal :)