Changes in credit card earn and restrictions - what is the best strategy going forward?

After getting a letter from ANZ Black to say that they are cancelling the Amex plus putting restrictions on points… I am looking for new cards.
I am primarily interested in flight rewards, and have accumulated almost 2million points over the last year due to our turnover in our business and being able to pay by visa or occassionally Amex…

So I am now finding that there are restrictions that apply with some cards reverting to half rewards after a small amount.

So is there a card that has NO restrictions and has HIGH rewards. The annual fee is almost irrelevant when we earn the high amount of points per year.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Westpac black offers 1.5pts/$ on Amex. however, they have not changed their cards unlike other banks so it’s anyone guess how they will treat their Amex in future

Check out the Point Hacks Master Credit Card Table here

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Unfortunately, we cannot advise on personal choice of credit cards here on Point Hacks. We can only provide general advice and all the facts/information for readers to make an informed choice.

I agree with Mark that the changes to the other main banks are imminent. My personal opinion is best to sit tight for now.

ok.  thanks.

yes will sit tight for the moment, seeing what evolves…

cheers, lee

Not advice, but something that isn’t shown on the credit card master table is that the Coles Rewards MC offers effective earn rates of 0.87 pt per $ for Velocity & 0.644/$ for Krisflyer which increases to 1pt/$ & 0.74pt/$ respectively during 15% bonus periods. There are annual transfer limits on these (˜150,000??), but it also has Etihad @ 0.8pt/$ as a partner for unlimited transfers.

Whichever card you do choose however you would need to make sure you’re able to use it for business transactions in the T&C