CBA Gold card holder - am I ineligible for the current Qantas Amex offer?

Hi PH,

The mind boggles with the multitude of options available so i’m looking to narrow the focus.

I’ve had the CBA gold MC/AMEX combo for over five years and i paid the latest $119 fee in early October. I don’t recall getting any sign up offer when i joined :frowning: I’m wanting to start making more of my credit cards and earning more points as i’ve clearly not maximised by having the same card for so long with the same provider. I’ve been sparked in to life by the 100,000 Qantas points offer that is currently available on the AMEX card. My understanding is that with a CBA sponsored AMEX i am ineligible for the current Qantas Amex offer?

I’m wondering what the next steps should be;

  1. Cancel both credit cards and sign up with another bank/provider (excl. the AMEX) to get some intro points (? suggestions). Then apply for a new AMEX in a year with intro points.
  2. Cancel only the AMEX and keep the Gold MC. Apply for a new AMEX next year and get intro offers.

Any comments or other suggestions would be great.


Bank issued Amex cards will not make you ineligible for Amex direct offers. I currently have an existing bank amex and visa card and recently opened an Amex Explorer card. The bonus points (100,000) were credited to my account the day that the spend criteria were met :slight_smile:


I thought i had read in a couple of places that i would be ineligible.

Great! I’ll likely just cancel the AMEX via Commbank and go for the direct Amex Explorer card.

Thanks for that, I’ll check it out.


Now the question is the AMEX Qantas Ultimate or the AMEX Explorer!? Similar offers…