Cancelling before annual fee charged on credit card - will the bonus points be taken back?

Hi there,
Sorry if this question’s been asked before (but couldn’t find it in history)
I’m applying for the ANZ Black card where one of the advertised benefits is no annual card fee for the first year.
If I cancel the card before the end of the first year do I get charged any fee or are any of the bonus qantas frequent flyer points clawed back - or is this a typical strategy in Australia to get bonus points?
(I’ve just moved over from the UK where I saw this type of strategy for obtaining bonus points discussed a few times).


You can cancel your credit card at any time before or after the anniversary date provided you have a zero balance. Keep in mind that any points accrued but not credited to your FF account will be lost however any points already in your FF account can’t be taken back by the bank.

When cancelling your credit cards, ensure you get written confirmation of the cancellation date or go to the bank and cancel it in person. Keep a record of the cancellation date for future reference because in twelve or eighteen months in the future you could be eligible for a new credit card perhaps with a sign up bonus :wink: