Can you use Qantas lounge passes for Emirates flights?

Hey all, pretty sure the answer is going to be ‘no’ but thought I’d double check.

I have the Bank of Melbourne Qantas Signature credit card - which comes with 2 x complimentary Qantas lounge passes a year. I’ve applied for it and I can see in the Qantas FF portal that I have 2 x invitations available (from what I understand, these are just invitation opt-ins, and not invites themselves).

Now I just bought Emirates flights (not from OneWorld, but from the official Emirates site). I’m wondering if there’s any chance at all I can use these complimentary lounge passes in Dubai (at either a Emirates or Qantas lounge) during the stopover. (All my flights start with EK)

Now, nothing pops up in the bookings of the Qantas FF portal on the page with the invitations - so I’m guessing they are just not eligible. And also when I try to add the Emirates booking code into Qantas, it doesn’t work (kinda obviously since it’s a different airline). I think I was secretly hoping there was some OneWorld or Qantas/Emirates partnership.

Anyways so I think the answer is ‘no’ - my Qantas lounge access can’t be used in any way with my Emirates flights right? But would love to double-check to make sure I’m not missing out on anything. Thanks!

Sorry to say that you are right and there is no way to link Qantas lounge invitations to an EK-numbered flight. It must always be a QF flight code and from an airport where Qantas operates its own lounge.