Can you upgrade a Qantas oneworld RTW segment from economy to business when it becomes available?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if you can book a Qantas economy or premium economy classic reward, and then upgrade to a business reward later if one comes up? This would be as part of a RTW booking.

For example, say I can book all the legs in my RTW itinerary with business classic rewards, but there is one leg that only has an economy or premium economy classic reward available at this point in time (no business). If a business classic reward was to come up on that flight (or a flight close to the original date) later, could I call Qantas and ask to change to the available business reward instead? (Assuming the only cost would be the points they charge you to change a booking).

Any help would be much appreciated!


That sounds perfectly fine to me. Secure an economy seat first and change if any business seat become available.

As Warren said, only the change fee. I had a SYD-HKG-ZRH  J itinerary on CX where SYD-HKG was PE only. Subsequently, 3 months later, found that QR was available in J all the way, so switched from CX to QR. All of these kind of changes are possible before you leave.